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It all started with the Home fragrance collection. We thought customers deserve 100% brand transparency and decided to come up with a sustainable, all-natural alternative.



​We are also truly passionate about the environment. 

My pure life style is using coconuts wax,

at a time when the majority of candles still contain petroleum-derived paraffin and unsustainable produced soy wax.

Coconut wax comes from its raw material, the coconut flesh.

Production is sustainable and free from toxins, the use of pesticides and the need for deforestation.

All our ingredients are also cruelty-free.  

Coconut wax makes our candles better.

Sustainably produced, clean, slow-burning and is completely

odorless when burnt (unlike the strong smell of soy). 

Image by Sarah Dorweiler

We thought customers deserve a 100% brand transparency and decided to come up with a sustainable, all natural alternative.



​In addition, My Pure Life Style candles come in a tin and glass tumbler that can easily be repurposed. Our packaging can be fully recycled or up-cycled once the wax has melted.  Repurposed as containers for flower arrangements, pens or

beauty brush holders, they become chic home décor collectibles to mix and match.My Pure Life Style is ethically made in the south of France.

Yoga Practice

More than a candle It’s relaxing your mood and Styling your house

We strongly believe that the love of candles and other home fragrances should never come at a cost to your health.  For that reason, we have formulated every aspect of our candles.



We are a unique company. We only use the highest amount of essential oils in

our candles which not only smell beautiful but contain many therapeutic

properties which will be released into the air when burnt. My Pure Life Style

candles smells wonderful and have a deeply effect on the mind and body.

When you look round the candle collections in stores and online you will discover

that there are very few true aromatherapy candles. This is mainly due to the cost

and challenges of making candles with essential oils